Divine Expression 

It’s rare that one gets or supports my Heart. The paintings, jewelry designs, poetry, poetry, writings, songs, even words. Majority look and like, but rarely support. What I’ve realized is I’ve never stopped creating or compromised the way I create in result of the response because I didn’t (and don’t) create for the eyes, ears or tastebuds of man…but for mySelf and YahWeh who expresses through me.I get it though, I manifest from a different place, time, dimension…sometimes multiple at once. Lol! With knowing that in Divine time will seeds bare fruit.

I’m grateful for it all, and through it all. 

I bring forth freshness just as the trees to the staleness of the air. Taking all the carbon dioxide and allowing for transmutation via the green & gold in my heart of such things because I know how toxic it is or could be for the environment, so may I continue to offer freely the freshness of Heir(Air/Spirit/Ether).

Inhaling Light, expressing Love and extending L.I.F.E. (Loves Infinite Fertile Energy). 

I am an artist that no longer expects anything, therefore I am no longer sensitive about who accepts/embraces my expression. I do and so does YahWeh…that is enough. At the same time I give thanks for those to whom my expression resonates, and simply to have an expression to share. 


I reside in the land of the Living, so why should I fear death? Death doesn’t live here, but it’s doing all that is in its power to gain entry into the Gates. Oh how desperate is death to camouflage itself to appear as Live so that a breech of security occurs.  I give thanks for Cell Love shining on all that approaches the gates easily recognizing all things that cast a shadow.  As I take care of them, they take care of me. Clean, clear and full of vitality.

Joy in the New

With each rising in every moment that is presented I allow the Wholeness of Self to reharmonize and Become New…knowing that it’s safe and in Divine order. Also knowing that We (I&I) owe nothing to the old but to let it go. 

2 Corinthians 5:17:

“17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

The Most High Divine is not a liar so those words of Life ring true. The only things that would prevent this from being evident in life are the actions, thoughts and ways of being that are operated in continuously that no longer serve. Thus for stunting the growth/evolution process of Life. 

Sharing from experience I can say that it is truly a gift to allow yourself to experience the feelings that the newness brings…there’s always a surprise. Lol! There was a time when surprises were not embraced! Lol! I had to know, it had to be familiar, etc. I give thanks for the release of that joy snatching energy. 

I find joy in newness.

I share with you that it is safe to change, be new and be you. 

Releasing: A Change Is Gon Come

“Change is Going To Come” by Sam Cooke spoke to my Sol. The resonance of that song translated a message in I Heart, and I am now sharing it with you. When time permits listen to the song if you feel led. 

The message left was/is that no matter where you were born, no matter what the conditions or situations you’ve experienced in life that kept(or keeps) you running like the river from yourself…a change is going to come once you stop running…hold fast to your faith, trust & believe. 

Then a voice of the Divine stepped in and added, “I know that your life has been hard, and you’re afraid let that way of surviving go and live outside of that hardship because that’s all you know, because that’s all you’ve been programmed to see. But there still lies within you the yearning for change. You don’t know what or when, but you know it’s coming…because it is.”

The song also left a message to not distract self with all the “happenings” around when there is a little voice inside saying “don’t go…be still” and how it would be in ones best interest to listen. One can’t ignore the inklings to make the small changes and still expect change…it’s not going to happen. 

Evolving through this portion of development I’ve learned that running gets you nowhere, walking courageously with listening to & honoring the guidance and instruction from the Divine takes you far. 

Mirror, Mirror

There comes a time when you can no longer ignore the evident. Be it great or small, if it requires action on your behalf…get to it! If you wait around for someone else to point out the obvious and make the first move or help you when you haven’t helped yourself…you will have a bunch of wasted time on your hands. It all boils down to one knowing the value of Self, and seeing themselves worth the effort. 
Do you see the value in the reflection staring back at you?

Know that you are a Heartfully & intelligently crafted expression of The Most High Divine, and the Truth of your Sol knows it…it’s just waiting on you to show it. 💚🌟

Ashes: Files of Release…Never Release Until Now

To love and let go is an extremely hard task to complete. Especially when you were totally oblivious to your relationship coming to an end. What made you decide that I’m no longer worthy of your companionship? Or is it that you feel that you’re not worthy of mine? 
I’m at a lost because people ask for a mate that they are not ready for. It seems as if people don’t want loyalty, honesty and unconditional love! They want the complete opposite so that they may carry on with their shenanigans with no remorse because it’s what they already expect. (Low expectations set in place to prevent the feeling of disappointment & hurt…a toxic defense mechanism) I’m not down for that! I’m not here for that! I’m here to be the mate that you need, so that we can nurture vital characteristics that will help carry you onto your destiny as you reciprocate the same for me. Instead, you’d rather push me away because you are intimidated by the challenge of the unknown. I just want to let you know that…it hurts. ✌

Clearance: Releasing

May these ashes be of good use to someone…

I now know what it is to be an “undesirable.” An “undesirable” is a person that has a burning desire to be with or extend Love to another Being, yet the feeling isn’t mutual, not being fully received and/or rejected…therefore not appreciated. I can honestly say that I’ve never been in this kind of situation before. The situation has always been reversed for me. Maybe it’s karma or something, but it can’t be. I’ve never treated one with feelings for me less than human. I’ve never led those “undesirables” to believe that they had a real chance with me. I’ve always been straight up whether they liked what I said or not. My actions always lined up with my words so that there would be no confusion. 

Now that I’m among the “undesirables” I take other people’s feelings into great consideration. I also found that Love is not openly accepted because it’s foreign/unrecognizable to most…so rejected.
#Compassion development by way of partaking of the Sacredment that soothed & expanded my heart and allowed my mind to slow down, zoom into the details discovering the source of its start.

Dead Skin Cells Series: Detoxification 

As I shed dead skin cells, I am allowing the emotions attached to them run its course, and allowing the expansion of Light and Love to fill up and purify I bodies. This process is not only renewing and reconfiguring cells from the most recent past life, but the many lives that I have experienced. The Most High Divine and all of Divine Guidance of 100% Pure Love & Light are preparing me for the shift…clearing (along with I assistance) all the channels to become of pristine conditions. It is necessary for I Presence here. Even though I resisted for a while and kept busying ISelf with self cultivation, that I wasn’t allowing enough room to be cultivated. I came down here ready to go! Lol! The Most High Divine said, “Hold up! You need to clear out and get settled into this body.” “I get that you’re ready, but not quite yet…be patient my child.” All that I can say is, “okay.” What an experience though! I’m sleeping, hydrating, meditating, nourishing, praying, getting outdoors, etc. and allowing The Most High Divine to Love on me as I reciprocate. I am truly grateful & blessed beyond measure.

Sut Nam & Wahe Guru